Hi.  I’ve created this website to give you an idea of my architectural practice.

Every architect has their own way of doing things.  We borrow from past employers and develop new ideas with each client. But childhood experience plays a big part in who we are.

I grew up in an old stone farmhouse outside Philadelphia. My mom was an artist and my dad was a scientist.

I discovered I wanted to be an architect in the third grade.

I’ve spent my whole life designing spaces for people to live in.  I’ve been a licensed architect in California since 1981 and a licensed general contractor since 1984.

I’ve had more than 500 projects built in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I don’t have one particular style and enjoy tailoring each project to each client.

I have no employees and enjoy doing everything myself.  I do my own structural engineering, grading and landscape design. I can help with all interior finishes and furnishings.

I’m not trying to get rich; I just want to do good work.

My designs are elegant and relatively inexpensive.


P.O. Box 388 Aptos, California 95001

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