Checklist for Green Construction


In chronological order during construction

  1.   Use helical piers instead of cast-in-place reinforced concrete piers.
  2.   Request high fly ash content in the mix for concrete foundations.
    (typical mix = 8-11% fly ash, high fly ash content =25-30% fly ash)
  3.   Use low-VOC construction adhesive top of joists to subfloor. (OSI)
  4.   Use 24-inch on-center framing and minimum header sizes.
  5.   Select a 40-year roof instead of a 30-year roof.
  6.   Install a high-efficiency furnace (92% 2-stage) with a fresh air intake.
  7.   Install a gas-fired on-demand water heater.
  8.   Insulate all hot water piping.
  9.   Mastic all duct work to minimize air leaks.
  10.   Increase insulation values from 30/13/19 to 38/15/30.(roof/walls/underfloor)
    We use Certainteed GREENGUARD certified unfaced fiberglass batts.
  11.   Get recycling chits for all waste at the county dump.
  12.   Install one Energy Star-rated remote fan for multiple exhaust locations.
  13.   Install tubular skylights for daylighting in halls, laundry, showers, etc.
  14.   Use solid wood for shelves, window sills, door trim, etc.- not MDF with formaldehyde.
  15.   Have your cabinets made with no-formaldehyde plywood.
  16.   Install low-flow faucets, shower heads and toilets.
  17.   Use no-VOC paints and low-VOC wood stains.
  18.   Install T-8 tubular fluorescent lamps under and above upper cabinets.

Affordable green materials and methods are available now !

But Avoid these Higher-ticket Items
       (unless you have extra cash)

  1.   FSC certified lumber (FSC = forest stewardship council).
  2.   Photo-voltaic solar power cells to supply electrical power.
  3.   Solar hot water heating or pre-heating.
  4.   Radiant floor heating.




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