Top 10 Ways to Build for Less

  1. Minimize site work like tree removal, grading, and retaining walls. Avoid installing a well, septic system, or roads.
  1. Design a 2-story box – half the cost for the foundation and the roof.
  1. Design a simple foundation because corners are expensive and eliminate interior shear walls.
  1. Size the building in 2-foot increments to make full use of building materials as delivered = less waste.
  1. Design simple gable or shed roofs – no hips = less waste.
  1. Stack plumbing over back-to-back 2×6 wet walls.
  1. Maximize windows for light, heat, and ventilation.
  1. Use 24-inch on center framing with minimum sized headers and single top plates with rafters stacked directly above studs.
  1. Use standard “off-the-shelf” building materials like composition shingle roofs and standard sizes of windows and doors.
  1. Over-insulate, caulk and seal, install fluorescent lights and buy efficient appliances to save in the years to come.


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